• Items shall only be accepted for credit by written approval of the Director of Kentec Electronics Ltd. Items will only be eligible for credit in the first 30 days from the supply date*
  • Before any items are returned for credit, an RMA (Returned Materials Authorisation) reference number must be obtained from the Sales / Operations Department
  • Written approval will then be issued using a Goods Return Application Form (KENQA196.03.03). A copy of this form must be supplied with the returned goods
  • The RMA reference number must be clearly marked on the outer packaging when returning goods to the Company
  • Goods must be returned to Kentec Electronics Ltd within 30 days of the issue of the Goods Return Application Form
  • Only items listed on this form must be returned under the RMA reference
  • Items returned without prior request for an RMA reference may be returned to the customer
  • Failure to supply the required information will result in the returned items being quarantined for a period not exceeding 30 days. If the items are not identified within 30 days of receipt, then Kentec Electronics Ltd reserves the right to dispose of these items
  • All items returned are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of sale and in our Global Trade Price List.

* LE2 subscription licence is non-refundable.

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In-Warranty Items

All equipment supplied by Kentec Electronics Ltd is provided with a warranty, as defined in Section 8 (Warranties & Liability) of the Terms and Conditions of Sale. These warranties are between Kentec Electronics Ltd (the Seller) and the company that placed the order upon the seller (the Buyer). The warranty period is valid for 36 months from the delivery date and is non-transferable.

Damaged Goods

In the event of damage to equipment during transit or any defect in the quality of goods, the Buyer shall notify Kentec Electronics Ltd within 7 days of delivery as detailed in Section 8.5 of the Terms & Conditions.

The goods may then be returned to the Customer Service Department of Kentec Electronics Ltd. for repair, or replacement parts may be supplied (by arrangement).

Supplied equipment is intended for use in accordance with product specification. In the event of equipment malfunction during the service The Buyer shall contact the Kentec Technical Support Department to report the failure and seek advice on the resolution action. Depending on the failure, one of the following three paths will be offered by the Technical Support department:

Equipment Repair

Following Technical Support advice, equipment shall be sent back to Kentec Electronics with a completed Repair Request Form.    

During repairs software of product will be upgraded to the latest version. Event log with configuration will be deleted unless asked not to. Along with repaired unit Repair Report with findings will be provided. Unit will be Soak and Functionally tested.

Once received, equipment will be repaired, tested and sent back within 7 work days. In the event that it is not possible to complete the repair within 30 work days, the equipment will be replaced with identical equipment

Service Replacement Item scheme (SRI)

Following Technical Support advice, a SRI request shall be made by e-mail to and shall include the parts required, fault description, panel Works Order (W/O) or PO Number and the required delivery address.

Once the SRI has been approved, items are normally dispatched for next day delivery within the mainland UK, subject to stock availability.

If the Buyer is not aware of the required repair or replacement part(s), additional advice may be obtained from the Technical Support Department.

SRI parts are supplied on the following terms and conditions:

  • SRI parts are loan items and are not available for resale.
  • At all times, Kentec Electronics Ltd. retains the title of SRI parts supplied, as detailed in Section 7.4 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

In some cases when required deeper product analysis, Technical Support could advice to contact Kentec Electronic Quality Department requesting to conduct RCFA. Request for RCFA also could be addressed in Repair Request Form. Quality Department aim to accomplish the investigation within 14 days, but sometimes depending on the nature of the investigation (other departments involvement, require contacting supplier) it could take longer. During investigation the event log for addressable panels will be analysed and possible cause of failure investigated. After investigation report with findings possible cause and corrective action (if applicable) will be provided. Product later repaired software of product will be upgraded to the latest version. Event log with configuration will be deleted. Unit will be Soak and Functionally tested.

For UK Customers

All SRI parts must be returned to the Quality department of for analysis, within 14 days of delivery.
Any SRI parts that have not been returned within 28 days of delivery will be invoiced at the price given in the Kentec Price List, less discount.


For customers outside UK

All SRI parts shall be returned in the same packaging as the replacement parts were supplied in. Failure to ensure that adequate anti-static precautions are taken during the replacement of parts, or in the return of SRI parts may result in an invoice of up to the price given in the Kentec Price List, less discount.
Any SRI parts returned without the completed SRI delivery report or any SRI reference documentation will be invoiced at the price given in the Kentec Price List, less discount.
Any returned items that are found to have failed due to fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, abnormal working conditions, misuse or alteration or repair without the Suppliers approval or failure to follow the sellers instructions will be invoiced at the price given in the Kentec Price List, less discount.
Any returned items that are not part of the original equipment or are not in warranty will be invoiced at the price given in the Kentec Price List, less discount.
Buyer may request Root Cause Failure Analysis report regarding equipment malfunction making request to Kentec Quality Manager. Report will be provided within 14 days and may be a subject to a charge.


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