Our technical bulletins provide the latest updates on our range of fire control panels.

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Taktis EN Firmware release Bulletin – PR1117

PR1117 Taktis EN Firmware release EN-00.12.R119

Firmware Release Bulletin

Taktis EN firmware release

Technical Bulletin

Vizulinx BACnet support for Taktis V1.1.6

Product Bulletin

Product Obsolescence Notice
JNP133K UTS door controller

Product Bulletin

Product Obsolescence Notice
Series 3000 conventional control panels and repeaters

Product Release

iNS Transient Suppression Module

Product Release

iNS Remote Interface Modules
1st phase release

Product Release

iNS Network Analysis Modules
1st phase release

Ockular software update

Ockular software update V1-0-1

Product Announcement

VdS approval for Taktis Addressable fire alarm panels

Vizulinx firmware update

Vizulinx firmware update V1.1.6 release bulletin - May 2020

Technical Bulletin

Cleaning of Kentec Control Panels

Taktis Firmware Release

Taktis firmware release - February 2020

Product Announcement

EN54-13 approval for Taktis Addressable fire alarm panels

Taktis firmware release

Taktis firmware release - January 2020

Syncro AS Firmware Release

Syncro AS firmware release - January 2020

Product Bulletin VR Nimbus

VR Nimbus Product Bulletin

Taktis UL product launch (Hochiki & Apollo protocols)

Product Bulletin XT+

XT+ Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin Vizulinx new Firmware Release

Product Bulletin Vizulinx Firmwear Update

PR1022 Vizulinx firmware update bulletin 1.0.11

Product Bulletin Safe-Point

Safe-Point Emergency Voice Communication System Product Bulletin

Syncro XT+ Firmwear Release

Syncro XT+ new firmwear release March 2019

Product Bulletin Syncro-Taktis Bridge Functionality

Syncro-Taktis Bridge Functionality Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin Taktis Firmwear Release

EN00.11.R0083 Taktis firmwear release

Product Bulletin Fire-Cryer Plus

Product Bulletin Fire-Cryer Plus Voice Sounders

Product Bulletin Ockular

Product Bulletin Ockular

Product Bulletin Vizulinx

Product Bulletin Vizulinx

Product Bulletin Taktis Language Variants

Taktis language variants product bulletin

Technical Bulletin – Kentec Sigma 2 Control Panels Repeater Compatibility

Technical Bulletin – Syncro Fire Control Panel Configuring for Delayed Evacuation

Technical Bulletin – Solex 2 Control Panel Reset & Silence – Additional programming information

Technical Bulletin – Sigma 2 Control Panel – Interfacing with other Control Panels

Technical Bulletin – Sigma 2 T Series two-wire Systems T11020, T11040, T11080

Technical Bulletin – Syncro Control Panel – Plant & Peripheral monitoring options

Technical Bulletin – Sigma 2 T Series “two-wire” Conventional Fire Control Panel – Device Compatibility

Technical Bulletin – S558 Thermal Printer Replacing the Printer Paper

Technical Bulletin – Syncro Sounder Outputs Upgraded to 1 Amp

Technical Bulletin – New Thermal Printer for Kentec Control Panels

Technical Bulletin – Solo & Solo 2 Apollo Protocol Guide for Short Circuit Isolation

Technical Bulletin – K3000 Control Panels Replacing the Con.05 Controller PCB

Technical Bulletin – Signifire Control Panels – DCI Default Quantity Setting

Technical Bulletin – K3700 Series Control Panels K4.01 ‘S’ Terminal Operation

Technical Bulletin – Using a Control Panel to Switch Inductive Loads for Plant Control

Technical Bulletin – Solo & Solo 2 Configuration Transfer Procedure

Technical Bulletin – K2.01 Modification for Single Zone Operation

Technical Bulletin 13 – K3000 Detector Compatibility

Technical Bulletin 14 – Solex panel Extinguishing output programming

Technical Bulletin 15 – K3700 Multi-Area Extinguishing Panels

Technical Bulletin 16 – K3000 Control Panels – Gent Detector Compatibility

Technical Bulletin – Bell Booster Unit

Technical Bulletin – Electrostatic Discharge Precautions

Technical Bulletin – Thermal Printer Settings

Technical Bulletin – K1990 2 Loop Addressable Hochiki HRE Protocol Control Panels

Technical Bulletin – Sounder Extender Board SB.O2/BB1

Technical Bulletin – Adapting 3 wire Systems to K3000 Control Equipment

Technical Bulletin – K3700 Multi Zone Extinguishing Panels Zone Configuration

Technical Bulletin – Interconnection of control panels

Technical Bulletin – MIOU Address Programming

Technical Bulletin – Coil Suppression

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