Our product bulletins provide the latest updates on our range of fire control panels.

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Taktis EN: Firmware Update

PR1130 - Taktis EN Firmware release EN-00.12.R120 - 19.10.2023

Elite RS: Firmware Update / PR1127

PR1127. Rev.1 - Firmware Update Bulletin (Spanish and Portuguese) - 06.2023

Product Obsolescence – Elite RS Addressable Fire Panels with Integrated Dialler

PR1120 - ELlite RS with Integral Dialler Obsolescence - 01.2023

Product Obsolescence – Syncro and Syncro Focus spares support

PR1122 - Syncro and Syncro Focus spares support - 01.2023

Product Obsolescence – Syncro SI Addressable Status Indicators and Hold Unit

PR1118 Product Obsolescence: Syncro SI Addressable Status Indicators and Hold Unit - 01.2021

iNS: Product Change

PR1114 .Rev.1 - Product Change Bulletin: DNX-R-2F/FC-K replaced with the DNP-R-2F/FC-K - 15.07.22

Syncro AS: Firmware Release

PR1113. V6.60 Rev.1 - Syncro AS Firmware Release Bulletin - 14.07.22

Ockular UL: Product Launch

PR1108 Rev.2 - Ockular UL Product Launch Bulletin - 05.2022

Product Announcement: BIM File Archive Launch

PR1097 - Kentec BIM file archive launch - 07.12.2021 Rev.1

Taktis UL: Firmware Update

PR1095 - Taktis UL firmware update UL1204-02.053 - 17/11/2021

Syncro XT+: Product Follow-up

PR1093 - Syncro XT+ Product Follow-up Bulletin: Firmware Update Reminder - 10.2021

Sigma ZXT: Product Launch

PR1090.Rev 2 - Sigma ZXT Product Launch Bulletin - 06.09.21

Syncro AS: Firmware Release

PR1087 - Syncro AS firmware release V6.59 - 24/08/2021

Vizulinx: Firmware Update

PR1082 - Vizulinx firmware update 1.1.45 - 01/04/2021

Vizulinx: Technical Bulletin

PR1076 - Vizulinx and Huawei Hi-Link dongle compatibility - 25/01/2021

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