Kentec Electronics Ltd designs, manufactures, and supplies a range of control equipment for the fire industry. Additionally, we provide subcontracted manufacturing services for electronic subassemblies. As a responsible manufacturer, we are unreservedly committed to the following environmental policy:

  • The company is committed to the prevention of pollution and to continual improvement in the effects of the environmental impacts from its activities and services to enhance its environmental performance.
  • The environmental management system ensures that as a minimum, Kentec Electronics complies with all statutory regulations, local authority, and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • The environmental aspects of the activities, products, and services of the business are assessed and impacts identified. These assessments shall provide the foundation for the continual improvement of the company’s environmental performance. Realistic and achievable objectives and targets shall be established and continually monitored to support this process.
  • When identifying the environmental aspects the company will review all of its activities, products, and services, the control it can influence over these, and their associated impact on the environment. During this process, the life cycle perspective will be considered, the efficient use of all materials and energy and the minimization and recycling of waste.
  • The company establishes and regularly reviews its compliance obligations. Should noncompliance be identified, these will be corrected in a timely fashion.
  • The company shall ensure that all permanent and temporary employees are trained to successfully accomplish their allocated tasks in an environmentally responsible manner and their competence to do so is subject to routine assessment. The Company will ensure that all contractors working on its behalf are instructed on the requirements of this policy.
  • Kentec will strive to make the management system paperless where possible.
  • This policy will be reviewed periodically and is made available to the public and interested parties on request.

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