If your network is currently operating with obsolete Syncro panels, there’s no need for a complete system overhaul in case of a panel failure.

Our Taktis Migration solution offers a cost-effective and flexible approach to upgrading your system, one panel at a time, aligning with your project needs and budget constraints.

First Step: Software Upgrade

  • Upgrade to LE2 software.
  • Replace any Syncro panel with a Taktis panel.
  • Flexibility to position the new Taktis panel anywhere in the network.

Bridge Mode Operation

  • The system operates in “Bridge mode”.
  • No need for hardware alterations.
  • Continues to support existing open-protocol devices.

Minimal Downtime

  • Ensure system functionality with negligible downtime.
  • No disruption to building occupants.

Budget-Friendly Migration

  • Gradual migration to Taktis, aligned with operational budgets.
  • Avoids substantial capital expenditures.

Graphics Transition

Ockular/AMX graphics smoothly transitioned to Taktis operational mode.

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