Virtual Resource is an advanced management tool for fire detection which provides system designers, integrators and service companies with the ability to remotely access and comprehensively manage any system using intelligent analysis of data collected from their systems. End-users and facilities managers can also greatly benefit from the powerful feature set that comes with Virtual Resource.



The remote management features offered by Virtual Resource can result in reduced fault call outs, reduction of unwanted alarms and improved overall service to the end user.

Gain access to data from all your systems, assess performance, check status and make decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

VR Access allows your fire system to periodically report its status to the secure servers to enable you to view the latest status report via any web enabled device.

Whether you are a service provider, building owner or facilities manager, Taktis VR can help you reduce costs, add value and improve service integrity by employing the latest communication and analytical technologies.


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