Conventional Sounder controllers enable additional, distributed power and control for sounder circuits in situations where there are insufficient circuits at the fire alarm control panel or where additional power is required to power heavily loaded sounder circuits.

The Sounder Controller Unit connects to conventional sounder circuits and any faults on its outputs are transmitted to the fire control panel via the incoming, triggering sounder circuit thus maintaining full fault monitoring.

All units contain a mains powered battery charger/power supply. There is space for up to 7 Ah batteries.

Indicators are provided for power healthy, power fault and sounder fault conditions and power fault conditions are signaled to the fire alarm control panel as a sounder fault.

Main features

  • Two four or six way units available
  • Integral power supply
  • Robust steel enclosure
  • Space for 7Ah batteries
  • Power Healthy, Power Fault and Sounder
  • Fault indicators
  • Full fault monitoring and integrity maintained


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