A development of its proven Sigma XT range which has been installed globally in its thousands, the Sigma ZXT provides controls and indications for a single-area extinguishing release system, enabling targeted extinguishing that limits damage and reduces cost.

Three conventional detection zones provide the alarm ‘trigger’ required to activate the release of extinguishant, and the system can be configured to release the extinguishant on an alarm from any single zone or combination of multiple zones.

Sigma ZXT continues to be backward compatible with Sigma SI status units and ancillary boards allowing easy upgrade of existing Sigma XT installations.

Main features

  • Secure Event logging 1000 events
  • Single area extinguishing panel
  • Dual extinguishing outputs with main/reserve configuration option
  • Dynamic LCD Display
  • Compatible with I.S. barriers
  • Non-latching zone input option to receive signals from other systems such as aspirating equipment
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining until release
  • Supports up to seven, four-wire status indicators (also compatible with Sigma SI status units for retrofit applications)
  • Approved and certified to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4
  • Four configurable User passwords can identify who has accessed the panel and what changes were implemented


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