The Sigma CP-A AlarmSense® range consists of a series of conventional, two, four and eight zone fire alarm control panels.



The AlarmSense system enables all detection and sounder devices in a given zone to be wired to the same pair of cables, greatly reducing the cabling and installation requirements and hence costs.

The AlarmSense range of devices includes smoke and heat detectors, call points, base sounders, base sounder/beacons and relay units – all wired to the same pair of cables.

Having sounders and sounder beacons installed on the same cabling as detectors and call points allows all systems to be configured for common, zonal or two-stage alarms by simply setting one of the panels configuration options.

Selection of the AlarmSense local alarm feature at sounder or sounder beacon bases invokes the alarm verification feature. This is particularly useful in houses of multiple occupation such as student accommodation or nursing homes.

Main features

  • Allows systems to be installed in accordance with BS5839: Part 6: 2013 installations
  • Two-wire systems, reduces installation cabling
  • Two-wire repeaters and ancillary boards via serial bus
  • Fully programmable using simple menu options
  • Adjustable sounder delay time
  • Sounder configuration options
  • Zonal sounder delay for detectors only
  • Zonal sounder delay for call points only
  • Coincidence output via ancillary board
  • Short circuit fire selectable by zone
  • Non-latching selection by zone
  • Silent zones (common sounder outputs)
  • Zone input delay for sprinkler system connection
  • AlarmSense® local alarm feature supported
  • Simple, single board construction
  • Installer friendly
  • Compatible with all AlarmSense® devices
  • Two conventional monitored sounder outputs
  • 3 Amp power supply
  • Auxiliary power output
  • Fully compliant with BS EN54-2 and BS EN54-4


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