The Sigma A-CP Annunciator provides remote status indications of the Sigma A-CP Fire Control Panel for fire, trouble and supervisory conditions. Status indications for 8 zones are provided on the annunciator, but it is also compatible with 2 and 4 zone control panels. Zone LED indicators and Status LED indicators are synchronized to light at identical rates. The Sigma A-CP Annunciator includes an internal sounder and an automatic control for adjusting the lamp intensity of the Power and Trouble LEDs on the fascia of the unit.

The annunciator provides connections for 24 VDC power and RS 485 communication. The RS 485 Bus supports maximum of 7 Sigma A-CP Annunciators. The Sigma A-CP Annunciator includes a dip switch for addressing and an End Of Line Resistor (EOLR). LEDs are included inside the annunciator for monitoring heart beat, error, transmit and receive conditions. The fascia and back- box of the Sigma A-CP Annunciator is provided in colours of grey or red.

The user can write specific zone description on the labels to the right of the zone LED’s.

Main features

  • UL 864 Approved
  • Red or Grey
  • 8 zone indicators
  • Fire, Trouble and Supervisory annunciation
  • Internal Buzzer
  • Internal Trouble diagnosis indicators
  • Easy access to terminals
  • Four wire connection (data and power)
  • Supervised data connection
  • Up to 7 annunciators per system
  • Compatible with flush mount collar


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