A simple solution to link fire and fault outputs between non-networkable fire alarm control panels. The RIM100M-3-K and RIM100E-K modules work together as a pair to provide bi-directional monitoring of fire and fault relays across an Ethernet link. This provides a simple network where it is not possible to provide a hard wire connection between panels.

Main Features RIM100M-3-K

  • Two bi-directional Input/Output signal states communicated across RS485 to RIM100E-K
  • Supports a simple ‘monitored’ communication channel with configurable latency
  • An effective solution for introducing a ‘remote’ conventional Fire Alarm Control
  • Panel to an existing network, via a monitored communication channel

Main Features RIM100E-K

  • Combines with RIM100M-3-K to create an Ethernet communication path between the modules
  • The RIM100E-K has a built-in web page for configuring the device
  • An RJ45 status indicator light is used to provide status on data activity
  • Front fascia LEDs system status indication
  • Supports TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP and UDP Server Ethernet protocols
  • Support for debug via laptop with simple USB interface


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