Remote Indicator Units provide an extension for LED indicators on hidden detection devices to allow their status to be observed without having to expose the detection device itself.

All units have dual, bright LED indicators with a wide viewing angle that flash alternately to attract attention, and are available mounted to square or round metal plates for fitting to standard electrical back boxes.

They are finished in white, durable epoxy powder and printed in red with ‘FIRE ALARM IN CONCEALED SPACE’. Other printing options are available upon request.

Remote indicators are compatible with all types of conventional and addressable detectors.

Main features

  • High brightness red LED indicators for reliability and low power consumption
  • Wide viewing angle
  • LEDs flash alternately to easily attract attention
  • Units to fit to standard gang or round electrical back boxes
  • Compatible with conventional and addressable detectors
  • Printed with “FIRE ALARM IN CONCEALED SPACE” as standard
  • Custom printing and languages available on request


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