Easy to fit and wire for additional control functions or to expand the capability of existing relay outputs, these simple boards contains either one or four 24V DC relays, which can be used for any extra-low voltage switching applications.

Each relay has two changeover contacts, and an LED indicator to show when the coil is energised. The coils of the relays are common to the positive supply and the relays can be operated individually by switching a negative to the numbered coil inputs.

The contacts are suitable for switching a maximum of 30V DC and 2 Amps. The current consumption of the unit when operated from a 24V supply is approximately 25mA per relay.

Main features

  • 24V DC operated
  • LED indicator shows relay operated
  • Two changeover contacts per relay
  • Built in suppression diodes
  • Spring leaf 2.5mm capacity terminals
  • Small footprint
  • 2 Amp 30V DC contact rating
  • Low current consumption


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