Ockular® is a comprehensive graphical fire management system


No situation requires a more urgent response than a fire event. On a large public site, especially during busy periods, public safety is paramount.

A powerful and sophisticated software solution, Ockular gives building managers complete monitoring and control over fire detection, providing a comprehensive fire risk and incident management system.

Where time is of the essence, site managers can respond quickly and efficiently to a fire event. Ockular plays a crucial role in safeguarding people, vitally important information and property.

Ockular is available in both EN and UL variants.

Main features

  • Supports dual screens
  • Reports configuration mismatch errors
  • Powerful event log filtering and reporting
  • Manage the state of the fire system
  • Programmable macro buttons to perform panel control operations
  • Full map navigation
  • Device analogue value reporting
  • Perform device and zone disablements/enablements
  • Available in EN and UL variants

Product Overview

Visual Fire Management

Ockular can automatically switch to the area on the site map to where a fire device has been activated to quickly view an event and begin immediate investigation.

Immediate Response

With Ockular, operators and users are alerted to an event as soon as it occurs and are directed
to the location of the event.


Ockular enables permissions to be given to users. There are four default user accounts configured upon installation. Additional accounts can be created by the administrator.

Fire System Maintenance

A maintainer’s area provides dedicated functions for a fire alarm system’s maintenance team.



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