Loop Explorer 2 (LE2) is a configuration software which is easy to use even when producing the most complex configurations.



LE2 is highly configurable, enabling customisation of languages, colour schemes and company logos and allowing exposure to single or multiple detector protocols to be set for each user.

Additional logical operators for NOT and TIME functions for use in cause and effects and the inclusion of ‘groups’ (collections of devices not necessarily in the same zone) increase the power and flexibility of LE2 to far beyond what was previously achievable.

LE2 can also be used to select, (where applicable) the appropriate detection loop protocol. It is possible to run different loop protocols on individual loop cards. Powerful standard templates allow rapid configuration of common fire system configurations for applications such as high-rise buildings or alarm verification from hotel rooms.

Access to LE2 is via a secure web server, so users with the appropriate credentials have permanent access to the latest version ensuring that the most recent enhancements are always available.

Main features

  • Highly configurable software
  • Enables customisation of languages, colour schemes and company logos
  • Powerful standard templates allow rapid configuration
  • Cause and effect allows the configuration of large, complex networks with ease.
  • Taktis Virtual Resource subscribers can store LE2 configuration files


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