The presence of transients across or over a fire alarm network can cause significant damage to fire alarm panels connected on the network. Damage can be instant i.e. circuit board failures, or it can be latent i.e. equipment may continue to work but with degradation to the expected lifetime.

The TSM-100 Transient Suppression Module can be installed on RS485 networks to prevent these electrical transients causing unnecessary damage to fire alarm panels on the network. TSM-100 modules can also be used as a signal repeater/booster to extend RS485 communication distances.

Main Features

  • 2.5kV Galvanic isolation into RS-485 path
  • Protection against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Protection against Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), e.g. EFT from switching of inductive loads
  • Protection against slow high energy transients (surge), e.g. surge from lightning strikes
  • Protection against RS-485 signal overdrive, e.g. reboot of connected PC/laptop/workstation
  • Protected and isolated Power Supply
  • RS-485 repeater/booster


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