The Dynamic Network Analyser DNX-A-2R-K is designed to provide enhanced communication performance on an RS485 wired network while providing advanced diagnostic information making network fault finding quicker and easier. Modules are installed on each networked fire panel with the DNX-A-2R-K managing data transfer across the network and ensuring optimum network performance. LED indicators provide simple, first-look diagnostics making it simple to identify the source of network faults.

Main Features

  • Automatic impedance matching to network cables optimises performance
  • Continually monitors and indicates signal quality
  • 2.5kv galvanic isolation on all ports
  • Independent reporting with Class A communication redundancy with multiple fault tolerance
  • Enables preventative maintenance management through system degradation monitoring
  • Compatible with IVIEW Graphical User Interface
  • Can be used on the same network as DNx-R-2F/FC-K to provide a hybrid wired/fibre network solution
  • Storage of configuration and commissioning parameters to allow system performance tracking over time


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