Fibre optic networking can provide advantages over wired network solutions by enabling significantly extended communication distances and immunity to electrical interference. DNP-R-2F/FC-K provides a full fibre optic network solution or can be used with the DNX-A-2R-K to provide a hybrid solution combining wired and fibre optic sections on the same network. Each panel on the network which requires a fibre optic connection requires one module only. This module can provide any fibre optic connection type—Single-mode, Multi-mode or single fibre bi-directional—by using pluggable fibre optic transceivers.  LED indications provide detailed first-look diagnostics making it quick and easy to locate the source of the network faults.


Main Features

  • Quick and simple check of network installation
  • Continually monitors and indicates signal quality
  • 2.5kv galvanic isolation on all ports
  • Independent reporting with Class A communication redundancy with multiple fault tolerance
  • Enables preventative maintenance management through system degradation monitoring
  • Can be used on the same network as DNX-A-2R-K to provide a hybrid wired/fibre network solution


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