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  • Company Name as you would like it to appear on your listing on our website.
  • Who can Kentec get in touch with if we need to talk to you about your KIP listing. (Note - no names appear on the website)
  • Company name as you would like to appear on your KIP certificate.
  • Company name as you would like to appear on your KIP plaque.
  • The phone number you would like to appear on our website
  • Email address that you would like enquiries through our website to be forwarded to. Our suggestion is that you create a new business email address such as so that any enquiries you receive through our website can be captured.
  • Please enter as https://www.{yourdomainname}
  • Tell us a little about your business. This will appear on your website listing. Maximum 400 characters.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, psd.
    Please upload your logo, this will appear on your listing. The higher resolution the better, an ideal size is 600 x 600

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