Welcome to the Kentec Installation Partner Programme

Welcome to Kentec Installation Partner (KIP) Programme, a nationwide network of trained, professional and accredited fire alarm companies, recognised for their high levels of expertise, workmanship, customer service, and quality.

This exclusive network of BAFE or LPS accredited companies has been carefully selected to ensure end-users receive the very best service from start to finish.

Together, Kentec and our installation partners are continually adapting to the modern-day challenges faced by building owners, to provide the most efficient and effective life safety solutions.

With Kentec you will have a strong partner who will support you with an attractive product portfolio now and in the future.

The Benefits

The Benefits of the KIP Programme 

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Gain valuable insights from Kentec’s experienced team. 
  • Comprehensive Training: Master the full product range through our detailed training programmes. 
  • KIP Certification: Earn recognition as a Kentec expert with a KIP certificate. 
  • Dedicated Technical Support: Access our KIP-exclusive technical support line, with on-site assistance available. 
  • Business Growth: Enjoy preferential contract terms and values tailored to enhance your business. 
  • Branding Support: Use the KIP scheme logo on your marketing materials for increased credibility. 
  • Co-Marketing Opportunities: Benefit from shared marketing initiatives and feature on Kentec’s website. 
  • Exclusive Resources: Access our protected partner site – Virtual Resource, and advanced tools like Taktis LE2 commissioning software and enhanced Bridge functionality. 

Why become a KIP?

Why Join as a Kentec Installation Partner? 

  • Innovative Technology: As a KIP, access some of the most advanced fire safety solutions available. 
  • Industry Recognition: Our partners are handpicked for their skill, expertise, and respected accreditations. 
  • Association with Top Brands: Kentec’s collaborations with KIPs have led to installations in globally renowned buildings across various sectors. 
  • A True Partnership: We are committed to the continuous development of our partners, offering regular product training and collaborative marketing efforts. 
  • KIP Identification Cards: Personalized ID cards highlighting your training achievements and upcoming courses, fostering a sense of individual accomplishment within the programme. 
  • Access the KIP Portal for additional tips, training, and branding materials. 

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