Welcome to the Kentec Authorised Distributor Scheme

Welcome to Kentec Authorised Distributors (KAD) scheme, a global network of specialists, experts and trained fire alarm distribution companies, recognised for their high levels of Kentec product knowledge and providing a full range of Kentec products to suit all applications and building types.

This exclusive network of distributors can be identified by the use of the KAD Logo and have been carefully selected to ensure installers and end-users receive the goods they need, by holding stock locally to enable the fast delivery and supply of Kentec products. The range includes; conventional, addressable and extinguishant panels plus ancillary equipment making them available the same day / next day – delivered by experts.

All distributors have been trained by Kentec on our products to provide local sales, technical and application support, so that they can offer their customers the best experience in fire panel selection based on the project requirements.



The Benefits of Working with a Kentec Authorised Distributor 

  • Extensive Product Range: Access to Kentec’s broad and robust product portfolio. 
  • Local Expertise: Deep product knowledge and expertise from your local distributor. 
  • On-Site Training: Product training sessions at your local distributor’s premises. 
  • Technical and Application Support: Dedicated support for technical or application-specific queries. 
  • Immediate Product Availability: Products “on the shelf” for swift and reliable delivery. 
  • Assured Quality and Support: Choosing a KAD means quality and support fully backed by Kentec’s headquarters. 

Why Join as a Kentec Authorised Distributor? 

  • Industry Accreditation: Gain recognition as a certified distributor in the fire safety industry. 
  • Special Pricing Privileges: Exclusive access to special pricing structures. 
  • Unrestricted Access to Products: Open door to Kentec’s extensive product portfolio (available for distribution). 
  • Comprehensive Support: Expert technical and application support from Kentec. 
  • Fundamental Training Programs: In-depth training to enhance product understanding and skills. 
  • Freedom to Sell: Liberty to sell to any client in any volume. 
  • Marketing Support: Benefit from website listing and social media engagement. 

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