Welcome to Kentec Authorised Distributors Plus (KAD+) scheme, an elevated tier within our global network of fire safety specialists and distributors. Recognised for their exceptional expertise in Kentec products, KAD+ members represent the pinnacle of fire alarm distribution, providing advanced solutions for a diverse array of applications and building types. 

This elite group is distinguished by the KAD+ Logo, a symbol of their advanced status and dedication to excellence in fire safety. Carefully selected for their superior capabilities, KAD+ distributors ensure that installers and end-users have immediate access to a sophisticated range of Kentec products. This includes exclusive access to our premium products as well as conventional, addressable, and extinguishant panels, all readily available for expedited delivery. 

KAD+ members receive comprehensive training from Kentec, equipping them with in-depth knowledge of our advanced product range. This training enables them to provide unparalleled local sales support, technical guidance, and application expertise. As a result, they offer their customers unmatched experience in selecting the most fitting and technologically advanced fire safety solutions for their specific project needs. 

The Benefits

The Benefits of Joining KAD+ 

  • Kentec Accreditation: Certified Distributor Plus status, highlighting superior capabilities and trustworthiness. 
  • Exclusive Pricing: Access to exclusive pricing structures, enhancing competitive edge while maintaining profitability. 
  • Premium Product Access: Exclusive access to products positioning you at the forefront of fire safety technology. 
  • Own Technical Support: Develop your own technical support capabilities, backed by Kentec’s extensive knowledge and resources. 

Why Join as a Kentec Authorised Distributor Plus? 

  • Prestigious Positioning: Stand out as a leader in the fire safety distribution industry with the esteemed KAD+ status. 
  • Advanced Product Offerings: Offer innovative fire safety solutions that cater to sophisticated and high-demand projects. 
  • Enhanced Support Autonomy: Provide expert, reliable, and prompt service with your own technical support team. 
  • Growth and Leadership: Drive business growth and set new standards in the industry, backed by Kentec’s support and innovation. 

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